AnthobeX gives purpose to life.

Helping people is one the fundamental part of humanity, the joy of bringing a smile to someone’s face is an intrinsic reward that does not require a thought or effort. Growing up in a big family, the notion of having three meals a day was a daily struggle and studying to become educated was the biggest dream. My parents were not able to get their primary education especially with being busy raising five children. My father only looked forward to putting the next meal on the table, but my mother’s dream was to make sure her children are educated and to prove that determination and hard work would create a better future. My mother’s words that “nothing is hard if you belief, you are not different from those who are already there” gave me the motivation to accomplish what I have today. I can still feel how hard life could be if you do not have opportunity.

Anthobex is here to make a future possible for those who struggle to have their basic human needs. I can only express joy knowing that my small support can give someone a better tomorrow. We waste food, and spend unnecessary money to have fun, while there exist millions of children with no definite future. I look forward to working with Anthobex in order to give these children a better future.

It really does not matter who you are, what you have or what you know, all that matter is that you stay positive and be willing to do what is necessary to reach your destination. I believe in working hard to build one’s self towards a better tomorrow. I am willing and prepared to face this new challenge of achieving Anthobex dream. I believe real happiness is found not in being served, but in choosing to serve.

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