I am Anthony Besong. I work as a Sr.Oracle Database Administrator for a banking client. This NGO was created in 2005 to give back to the community by sponsoring underprivileged first born through school, provide water and cater for health needs in developing regions of Africa. Many of us know how hard it is to grow under unfavorable circumstances which make it difficult to succeed in life. Anthobex provides hope for those who can't fight for themselves.

Change is the only constant thing in life. These kids want to make their life better. We need people who believe in this dream to make it a reality. Please donate today. No matter how small, it will go a long way.

It is true that changing the world is almost impossible but if we touch ONE life only, that person will in turn touch another, and another, and another. We are gradually changing the world positively. Please join this fight and get involved.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire young Africans to believe in themselves. Not to rely on their family, government or friends to make their dreams come true. We push them to their limits to make them believe in themselves by providing them with the basic necessities in life.

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